Monday, February 4, 2013

Berlin Movie Premiere

My plan for this evening was to watch the movie "Lincoln" in English. Earlier this week I'd confused the theater Cinemax with Cinestar and sat through the German dubbed version because I was too embarassed to leave, so I didn't do this academy award nominee justice. Tonight I was geared up to go to Cinestar, eat popcorn, drink a pilsner beer, and watch the film a second time.
But my plans changed. When I exited the subway, spot lights were glaring, loudspeakers blaring, crowds were cheering and packed around a star studded red carpet.
I turned to the man next to me and asked " was ist das?" He replied "Movie premier: Die Hard The new One. Bruce Willis will come in 30 minutes "
So, I joined the crowd of celebrity gawkers. I snapped over 30 pictures but didn't really capture anything. But, I DID see Bruce Willis. His bald(or shaved) glowed like a lightbulb. And he's kind of short. But it was cool to be part of a "movie premiere."

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