Sunday, May 13, 2012

Finding an Apartment

Finding housing is always stressful. But adding the complications of language, foreign laws and practices, and time constraints, and my heart is beating a little faster than normal. But the papers have been sent to my lawyer for review and I found a fast-food burger joint at the mall that serves Efes so all is good with the world. (The fact that they actually serve beer in the mall is a big seal of confirmation that this may be a good move.)

Here are some stress points of the weekend:
*The realtor does not speak English but her colleague did...a little. Thank goodness.
*After seeing the first unit, I was able to convey that clean and modern bathrooms are a priority.
*Driving around only resulted in one minor fender bender. Although angry words were exchanged and my realtor was most probably at fault, no cops were called and we just continued on our merry way.
* If you can't show the actual apartment it's ok for female realtors to knock on strangers' doors and ask to look around a similar unit.
*The realtors collect their fee the day the contract is written, not the day it is signed. I spent a lot of money today with not a lot to show for it.

Here are some reasons to be excited:
*The apartment is located close to the Aegean Sea, the metro, biking, ferries, cinemas, malls, restaurants, tennis, swimming...
*Guests will want to visit me because they will have their own private bedroom and bathroom, and super awesome, friendly, cool tour guide to show them around.

So, the reservation line is open. I hope you'll come see me in Izmir (Ancient Smyrna, Ephesus, St. Mary's House, Cesme and more) all about an hour away.


  1. First dibs!!! So excited for you and to see your new place!

  2. Sounds wonderful! I'd love to come! If I could just get that darn money tree in my basement to start growing! Are you coming back to Colorado this summer at all?