Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Smart Board Presentation

Today was the best in-service day yet! We had a presentation on a Prometheus Board, and even though the presentation was totally in Turkish and all of the computer commands are totally in Turkish, I think I really understood what was going on. And, I see amazing potential for teaching English as a Foreign Language, or all subjects for that matter! I am so excited to get the opportunity to use this new technology. Even better, supposedly every classroom is getting one of these boards...(At least that's what I think I heard and understood) But, I don't want to get my hopes up because here are some realities:
1) I have been taking my laptop and internet cable into school every day trying to either get a wireless password or connect directly into the wall to get some internet. So far, neither has worked.
2) I can't find any scissors, a ruler, or tape. The only white paper is in the lone copy machine down five flights of stairs. Tomorrow, I will bring my own from home.
3) The only printer for teachers is the same copy machine(down 5 flights of stairs) but so far we haven't been able to make our computers talk to the copy machine.
4) We haven't gotten class lists or a schedules.
5) We don't have books. I think they've been ordered...(At least that's what I think I understood)
On the bright side, the stress level is really low, especially considering how much caffinated tea we drink. Even better, I think I heard and understood that the first week may be orientation for students..Of course, today while waiting for the bus, I had just memorized the words for day, month and year, so maybe the first year is orientation, or maybe the first month is orientation, or....Anyway, I have a few lesson plans ready and that may or may not be enough...

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