Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Morning

Eric and I headed out of the apartment at half past nine in search of "Coffee Bucks" the Malatya equivalent of least that what I thought. Strolling down Kanal Bouyu (Canal Street) we noticed every hairdresser and barber shop was open. The liquor store (yes, there are several in town) was open, and the pide stores (warm bread ovens)were baking bread. But, when we arrived at our destination, the light were dim and there were no customers. Strolling at little further we noticed that most of the Kafve Houses were absent of customers. We finally arrived at Moda, a lovely little restaurant where people were enjoying breakfast so we stopped in. I promptly scanned the menu..thank goodness there were pictures...and ordered a Americano. Eric ordered his usual, a double espresso. We both ordered some Turkish breakfast platters. The coffee arrived complete with lots of milk and a cookie, along with our delicious breakfast including two baskets of warm pide, omlettes, pastries, cheese, olives, cucumbers, two scoops of ice cream and baklava for dessert. It was then that I remembered, most Turks drink coffee in the afternoon and tea for breakfast. No wonder Coffee Bucks was closed.

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