Friday, September 16, 2011

Hair Cut

The only thing scarier than uprooting and moving to a new country is uprooting and trying out a new hairdresser. It's bad enough driving across town and suffering the guilt when you run into the previous hair dresser in the super market, but flying half-way across the world and walking into a shop where no one speaks English and where a bride is completely dressed in her wedding regalia and is pacing the floor waiting for the final touches of ringlets to be placed in her friend's hair, and when you have to get a dictionary to remember the word for "sister-in-law" because that's who you supposedly have an appointment with but you don't remember her name but a colleague recommended her, and when you hope the Turkish words for "cut" and "trim" actually apply to hair, and when the first swoop of the razor leads to a 2 inch drop of hair on the that's scary. But my fears were put to rest when the cut was finished..It's not what I'm used to but it will suffice. And, for 5TL or about $3.00, I'm not complaining...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Penny!
    A haircut and now it sounds like a toilet is coming! You are living in the lap of luxury my friend! Think of you every day!