Monday, September 5, 2011

Shopping Involves Tea

My cell phone charger has been overheating with the American adapter so I wanted to purchase a charger that works directly in Turkey's outlets. (I know, hearing about cell phones is getting boring, but this is different. This is more about shopping...and tea...) I stopped into another Turkcell store (there is one about every 300 yards apart in the shopping district) to buy a specific charger. The man asked if I could wait five minutes and have a cup of tea. Oh no, I thought..Does purchasing something simple like a charger require bartering, too?..But, I said, "Sure" even though I'd just finished another tea five minutes before. While the boy was gone I mentally calculated what a charger cost at the Apple Store in Bellevue Square, pulled out my currency converter, and mentally calculated a price I was willing to pay. Then, I sipped my tea, explained pleasantries (combined Turkish/English) and waited. Pretty soon the boy came back. He handed me a charger, but I wanted to make sure it worked. (It didn't). So, the boy left again and came back with another one. (It did.) I finished my tea. The price was below what I was willing to pay, but they did not need to know that. We shook hands and I left with a tea buzz and a charger....

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