Monday, September 5, 2011

Turkish Ice Cream

On many street corners in most the parks, venders set up shops or little carts with ice cream. The many different flavors are arranged in a case of narrow containers similar to what we might see in a gelato shop. I've put off trying the ice cream because I've been filling myself up with too much pide (warm bread) and not left room for dessert. But tonight, I specifically saved room for ice cream. Being a chocolate fan, I pointed to the chocolate and held up one finger hoping for one scoop. The shop owner said "welcome" and "come" pointing to a special ice cream freezer with copper-topped, dome-shaped lids covering two flavors. With a large paddle to pack the ice cream tight, the owner began his show. First he scooped out vanilla, pretended to hand it to me, but played tricks with the cone while spinning the filled cone right as I would try to grab it. He played this game several times making me laugh out loud. Then he added a scoop of chocolate and played the same game again. Once I had a firm grasp of the cone, he used his paddle to pull out a large glob of vanilla pretending to drop it right in front of me. I went to catch it..another trick...because he was still holding it. Purchasing ice cream here is both entertaining and delicious...

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