Sunday, February 24, 2013

First Signs of Spring

Today was a beautiful day! The best way to share it is with pictures.
First I got on the car ferry and headed towards the mountains in the distance. It's the first time I've sat outside on the upper deck since last year.
The little black dots behind the boat are men either diving or fishing for something. They had wooden crates and spears but I have no idea what they were trying to get.
 The spring pansies were everywhere. Cherry trees are starting to bloom and forsythia are just starting to pop open. I guess this is fascinating to me because it's only February.

This is the start of my bike ride. Far across the blue water is my home. This picture is taken from behind the Thermal Hotel which is a famous Izmir spa/resort.
This picture is taken from the mountain biking/hiking trail I found today. I don't know why the water is so green.
Looking down today's trail.
 Another view towards the Aegean Sea from the ridge of the mountain.

This is the first day the water fountains have been running.
 Waiting for the ferry back to my side of the bay. In the distance are lots of kids sailing..a regatta maybe?

Every picnic table in this very large park was filled with picnickers.

Anyway, it was a glorious, spring day and a good way to start the week!

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