Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To Change or not to Change...a Lightbulb

This evening I flicked the light switch in my kitchen and was greeted with mostly darkness. Sure, there are a couple of tiny under cabinet lights to give mood and atmosphere, but mostly I can't see at all.

 Here are the thoughts that went through my head:
1) I don't have a ladder to climb up and remove the light fixture.
2) Even though I don't have a ladder, I could use a chair to reach the light fixture but I probably wouldn't be able to figure out how to remove the fixture.
3) Even if the chair were tall enough and I could figure out how to remove the fixture, I don't have a light bulb.
4) If I could remove the fixture and get to the light bulb, I probably couldn't read the size or kind of bulb because it's been my experience that the print on Turkish light bulbs is so small that I can't read it.
5) If I could read the number on the light bulb, I would still have to walk to the hardware store and walk through 2 aisles of light bulbs trying to match the fine print on the boxes to the fine print on the bulb and hope they matched.
6) If I found the correct bulb and box, I would still have to walk home, climb the chair, screw in the bulb and replace the fixture.
7) Or....I could do nothing for two weeks so Eric would have a little project next time he's in town.

I chose #7.

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