Saturday, October 29, 2011

Judging the quality of an apple

It's apple season here in Turkey. The Turkish name is "elma" and, like America, there are many different varieties. People tend to buy them by the crate fulls and leave them on their balconies to keep cold. I don't think many pesticides are used because the apples often have worm holes, but I've never been bothered by a little extra protein. And, they certainly are not waxed to look pretty like they are in America. But again, not a problem. What matters most to me is that an apple is very crunchy and a little tart. And, discovering that specific apple has been hit-or-miss for the past few weeks. However, one thing has been consistent. For every crisp, delicious apple I've savoured, I've broken the handle off a knife while cutting it. So, I've eaten three very delicious apples and today I need to go shopping....for knives.

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  1. Sounds like when I cook! Love reading all of your stories! You are such an adventurer!