Monday, October 10, 2011


I joined an all women's health club when I first arrived in Malatya. I chose it, not because it has the best equipment, or even the equipment I wanted like a tread mill or exercise bike, but because of Sema, the cleaning lady, who is so nice and did her best to make me feel welcome. So, I've been using weight machines very regularly every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm usually the only one in the gym and, because Sema has to turn on the lights and the music for me, I've often wondered if anyone even uses this gym. But, religiously, I go through the motions of trying to stay healthy while Sema watches me exercise.
Fast forward to today when there were not one, not two, but three other women using the machines. And even more exciting, one of the younger women was really putting her heart and soul into her work-out. This was great news for me as I've really needed to amp up my routine. Seeing this other women giving her best effort was just the motivation I needed. Just ask any of my family and they will tell you that I'm just a little competitive. If someone puts 40 pounds on a machine, I'm going to put 45. If someone does 10 push-ups, I'm going to try and do 11. So having some competition was good...
Bottom line...a big THANK YOU to the stranger at the health club and please come back soon! I really needed you.

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