Tuesday, October 4, 2011


When my printed schedule says school ends at 4:10 and the bell hasn't yet rung and all the class periods are 40 minutes long, which would make for a 4:10 departure, and I have 40 minutes of lessons planned, but at 4:00 all the children are saying "home Mrs. Jansen" and begging to go to the "toilet" and then coming back with their coats on, and then dragging me to the door to show me that the custodians are already cleaning the other rooms and the hallway is dark, quiet, and void of children, what is the point of a bell and a schedule? Either all the other classes were at specials like music and PE and the students are clever and playing me for a clueless English, or some teachers are calling it "quits" early. This will require some detective work. If the other classes have specials, then I can explain to students. If the other classes are just leaving early...that puts me in an awkward position.

PS. The run-on sentence was intentional...it matches the constant stream of noise and people from 8:20 a.m - 4:10 p.m. (well actually 4:04 today )

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