Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shoe Repair

About six months ago I threw away a pair of shoes in the Tri-Cities. I couldn't find a shop to nail new tips into the heels. Yesterday, I was dressed in jeans and high heels, (because that's what you do here) and had walked many kilometers with my friend Sema to help settle all the food we had consumed at brunch. All the cobblestones and the fact that my shoes are over a year old, left me clacking along the street on nails only. I knew I'd seen an alley in Malatya that consists of only shoe makers (it's actually really cool to see) so I figured a repair was possible. Not only are my shoes now repaired, I got a good price, too. My friend spent about five minutes negotiating the price down from 7 TL to 5Tl or about $2.50. It sure is a good thing I didn't go alone or I would have overpaid....

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