Sunday, October 9, 2011


About a week ago someone commented that I need to iron my white work jacket (lab coat), so I joked back that if they want me to iron, then the school will need to buy me an iron. I said it with a smile, but didn't really give it a second thought. You see, I haven't ironed anything more a seam on a sewing project in years. Ironing is not really my thing. But that may change. You see, last night some co-workers delivered a brand new iron and pink ironing board, both still in their wrappers. Unfortunately, now I may have to buy some hangers...

Fast forward to now, Sunday night, and it's ironing time. I've removed the wrappers, set up the ironing board...(did I mention the pink ironing board cover has camels printed on it? that's a metaphor!) and spent the past 20 minutes trying to figure out which way is hot. No matter which way I turn the dial, I can't get it hot enough to do any good on my wrinkled cotton or even polyester for that matter.

Currently, I am turning the knob one notch clockwise and writing one sentence for this post in a scientific method to find hot. I still haven't discovered the setting for that good "ironing sizzle" from my childhood. At this rate, I'll be fine with my current supply of hangers...

Ok, the iron's getting a little hotter, and I just discovered bird poop on the sleeve of my white lab coat...I wonder if it's from the same family that left a present on my tea pot?

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