Thursday, September 15, 2011

Textile Alley

I need a needle and some thread so tonight I headed to the center of town in search of those items. I was instructed to look behind the big mosque where I would find some fabric shops. Well, after meandering through gold alley and then shoe alley, I finally came upon a gorgeous fabric shop filled with bolts of fabric that I was eager to touch and admire. Unfortunately, I realized that I didn't know the word for needle and the shop owner was standing guard a the door, so I quickly pulled out my dictionary and found the correct word. The shop owner shook her head "no" but walked outside and instructed her brother to walk me in the right direction. Past many for fabric shops(note to self to go back when I have more time)we zigged and zagged until he brought me to the "notions" and "embroidery" shop. I hit gold. For 30 cents I bought large spool of white thread and a package of needles and was treated to a piece of delicious baklava. Surrounding me was the most beautiful beaded embroidery I have ever seen. With the help of my dictionary and a delightful young girl who volunteered that she spoke English, I inquired about lessons and plan to attend a free lesson on Saturday morning in two weeks. Mom, are your ears burning?.


  1. Penny, I just finished catching up on your blog and I must say, I so admire your adventurous spirit! I would have been near tears many more times. I need to learn to be more of a "go with the flow" type of person but the planner in me craves plans.

  2. I do have an adventurous spirit but the planner in my is having major daily conflicts..The fact that the students start on Monday and I have no class lists, no schedule, and no books is very stressful. But Eric comes to town tomorrow for 2 weeks so I'm going to enjoy his company and hopefully relax in the fact that I can speak a LOT more English than the students. :)