Thursday, March 14, 2013

Carrefour Customer Rewards Card

Today, checking out at Carrefour was like winning the lottery. First, my cashier spoke a little English. You'd be surprised how pleasant a little English is after a rough day with 7E. She even offered a rubber band for the poster paper I'd bought for a school project. Usually the cashier just throws down a shopping baggie and watches my new poster paper get wrinkled bent as I stuff it into the sack. And trust me, poster paper doesn't stuff very well. Second, she asked if I would like her to apply the money accumulated on my customer rewards card to today's bill. Wow! I didn't even know that I earned money for shopping at Carrefour. I'd thought the card was to make sure I got the sales price on specific items. Previously, I'd convinced myself that pulling out the blue Carrefour card was my way to "fake" the cashier into believing I understood what she was saying. (In reality, I'd just memorized the sequence: 1. Hello and welcome. 2. Have you got a rewards card? and 3. (here's where I fall apart..they usually ask me something I don't understand so I just say no.)  But, remember, today was lottery day. Here was this nice cashier speaking a little English and offering to apply my card credit to my shopping total. When she showed me my 16tl credit towards a 26tl bill I was pretty excited....bonus cash that I probably would never have known I had,without her kind help! Score!

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  1. Hurray for a little kindness! Amazing how that can feed the soul!