Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good things come in small packages...

I was unlocking my front door yesterday when I looked down and noticed a small slip of paper stuck between the door jam and the door. Upon inspection I was able to ascertain that the PTT (Turkish Postal Service) had tried to deliver a package at 12 noon. I could figure out a tracking number and I could read the words "Mavesehir" and "7 days" but I had no idea where my package was. But not to worry. I was excited because it was the first package I'd received in Izmir!

I came inside and pondered just how I could pick up this surprise. I didn't know where the Mavesehir post office was and there was no address on the slip. After putting on my reading glasses and staring at the slip until the miniscule numbers were clear, I found a web site. Ah ha! Maybe I could figure this out on my own.

I was able to log onto the PTT website and I was even able to find a button for "English." Cool! Then I was able to find "locate the post office nearest you." Even better! Then I followed the commands and got as far as Izmir/Karsiyiak but there was no "Mavesehir" choice. After that failure I was able to find a link for "track your package." I typed in the numbers several ways as my best guess with the sloppy handwriting. I kept getting error messages so I knew I'd have to wait until the next day at school when I could ask a Turkish friend.

At school today, even though my teacher friend did not know exactly which substation was Mavesehir, her husband happened to be in that part of town and walked to the post office where she thought it might be. Bingo!  Yes, they had my package. No, they wouldn't give it to her husband. Darn!

Knowing that the substation closed at 5:00, I knew today would be one of my fastest bike rides ever. Luckily there was a tail wind and green lights most of the way, and I pulled up to the post office at 4:56 with time to lock my bike. I showed my passport, wrote my initials on the form, dropped the package into my backpack, and rode home.

I ripped open the packing (no one to slow me down) and inside was a delicious assortment of American candy and a happy birthday note from a wonderful, thoughtful book group friend. This birthday present gave me a wonderful experience with a sweet reward. Thank you, friend.

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