Saturday, December 1, 2012


It's the last Friday of a very long month and it's payday. I generally like paydays especially after a very long month (short in days but long in hours and work time) because it's a small reminder of one reason we work. But, today's payday was a reminder that I haven't solved my inability to access the bank account in which my school direct deposits my salary, so it's like getting paid but not really because I don't have access to my money.
So after five calls to the telephone banking center, squeezing back tears of frustration and trying to convince them of the correct spelling of my mother's maiden name where each call meant I got an new operator (an"e" in English sounds like an "i" in Turkish) I finally got a password to try internet banking. Then after numerous attempts to log-on to the internet where each log-on meant a new password plus a new temporary password  (they like passwords over is never enough) sent by text to my cell phone, I was finally able to locate, hidden at the very bottom of the web page in size 5 font the "continuance"  button (Google translate has confused the verb "continue" with the noun "continuance") which finally took me to internet banking.

From the bank web site, (keep in mind it's mostly in Turkish)  I think I was able to pay a bill to my landlord for December's rent. (I guess I'll get a late notice if I didn't.) I also think I was able to ascertain that my bank card has been sitting on a manager's desk at my school since October. Knowing that a bank card has been sitting there for over a month, even after I asked a Turkish teacher to call the manager last week to "see" if the card had arrived, really irks me. But, it's also a reminder that communication is still not 100% effective and I can never be totally sure that my requests are understood or translated properly...

There is a golden lining to my Friday meltdown. The last banking phone operator I spoke with understood that I was upset and calmly asked me to send her a screen shot of the web page problem. Then, she called me back with further information about 5 minutes later. She was a gem!

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