Thursday, December 6, 2012

Club advisor

I'm sitting on a comfy bed in a brand spanking new Holiday Inn Express in a suburb of Istanbul, üskülar, I think. I'm an advisor for a MUN club (Model United Nations )and our team is here along with schools from all over Europe and the Middle East participating in a mock United Nations assembly
My job is very easy so far. My co-teacher is the real leader so I just tag along and make sure i get to the meeting place on time and go where she tells me.
My first duty today was to attend the opening assembly followed by the advisors' cocktail party complete with wine and appetizers in the school library. At the meet and greet we were assured that the techie man would give us the wifi password for our iPhones and laptops tomorrow morning so we'll be free the surf the net at leisure. Other than that, we're pretty free to relax. I like this job already.
I have mixed feelings about this club. The research, public speaking, and debate skills this club develops are great. But the resolution topics seem a biased against democracy and capitalism. It will be interesting to see how it plays out these next few days.

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