Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crises: Real or Imagined

(Note, any references to real US security events are purely coincidental..this is fiction...)

All Model United Nations advisers including me had been briefed Sunday morning that the student leadership for the conference had planned a "crisis" that would involve an emergency Security Council meeting and would then move into the General Assembly where all the delegates (students) and me and most of the advisers although some had made a trip to Starbucks, had just started watching a short video briefing of the student created "crisis".

Imaginary "crisis" mode started like this:

"We've just learned that China has "accidentally" bombed some imaginary island in the Pacific Ocean,  Hilary Clinton is dead, and Robert Downey, Jr. has just been named the new Secretary of State. The ambassadors of Japan, China, the United States,  North Korea and the Security Council have been called to a special session to "solve this crisis."


Real crisis mode started like this:

My cell phone buzzed announcing a Viber (free call using wifi) call from our son. Trying to be respectful of the "no talking on cell phones" rule, I texted him back and asked he needed to talk because I was in a "conference." He texted in reply, "Um, Well I'll let you decide....accident...snowboarding...kind of broke my back..."

I leaped over five pairs of legs, tripped in the aisle, and raced to the auditorium's entryway. With my  pulse racing and my mind jumping to the worst possible scenario, I called him right back....yes, a crisis, yes, broken bones in his back, no, not spinal cord injury.

Back to imaginary "crisis":

The US asked China for a public apology for bombing the "wrong" island. (Is this the foreign students' view of American diplomatic relations or youthful idealism?")

Back to real crisis:
We are saying a million prayers of thanks. (Seriously...Thank God.)

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