Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Find a blue eye...Nazar

Today was one of those great days when things just fell into place. As a matter of fact, I came out of one class (it's supposed to be trouble with a capital T) feeling like we'd had a very good class. But, when I commented on the fact that the students were "great", my co-teacher said, "Don't say that...find a blue eye..you know..Nazar?" And, I said, "Oh, like if I say something good I will jinx it." "Exactly!" she replied. "Shhhh."

In any event, I rode home on the bus in good spirits feeling ready to face a undesirable chore, cancelling my internet service. (Yes, I have a new, better service but I still haven't cancelled the old one because... a) Eric was here and I wanted to savour every minute with him, and b) the offices are only open M-F until 5:30 so the only day I can possibly get there in time is Tuesday. (hence...today).

Heading out of my apartment  with modem in my backpack, and bike at hand, I met an English speaking neighbor who both plays tennis and wants to ride bikes. We exchanged numbers.

At the internet office, I was able to both cancel my service AND prove to the customer service representative that I had a) fulfilled my 1 year contract because of good service and timely payment in Malatya and b) was not going to pay a penalty for cancelling early. In effect I was NOT cancelling early and the company was NOT providing internet service so there really was no contract..at least since my arrival in Izmir. And, I did most of this talking in Turkish.! Go me.

The sun was still shining and the weather was beautiful so I decided that rather than go home to my dirty apartment and cook the sad little chicken and slightly old green beans sitting in my fridge, I would enjoy the beautiful Aegean Fall weather and ride my bike until I felt hungry. 20 kilometers later and I found a delightful, delicious Turkish restaurant that made the best salad and chicken kebab that I've eaten so far in Turkey..not exaggerating...

Next to the restaurant was an outlet store for one of the large Turkish porcelain manufacturers. I've been searching for coffee mugs..I have no matching sets..or any without chips for that matter. I was able to locate a pretty blue mug with a big handle that settled nicely in my hand. When I inquired about the price I had to ask twice because it was too cheap..(about 75 cents) I couldn't believe it, so I went ahead and bought 4. Hopefully to handles won't fall off.

On the way home I ran into one of the first bike riders I met in Izmir and organized a ride for this weekend..not one of the 8 hour group affairs with too many chai stops, but a 3-4 hour ride to a beautiful destination on the sea for a quick bite and return home.

As soon as I got inside my apartment, I found a blue Nazar to ward off the evil eye. But, I still say...Thank God, it was a great day.

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