Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cleaning Supplies

I have a confession. I don't like cleaning my Malatya apartment. I'll admit, I don't really like cleaning my Richland home either, but there, at least, I can read the labels on the cleaning supplies and be assured that a "lemon fresh scent" is a smell that I can actually tolerate. I don't have to look at the holes in the bathroom tile stuffed with plastic bags from God knows when. And I don't have to wipe up the black soot (from the 500,000 wood and plastic bag burning stoves) that permeates every nook and cranny of my apartment.

To be truthful, the only time I've really cleaned the whole apartment is when I've gotten the word that I might be getting a roommate (I've gotten that message 3 times.) The fact of the matter is, though, I like living in a clean, clutter free environment. Plus, I'm starving...but that's another story. So, I decided (with Eric's encouragement) to give back to my local community and hire a cleaner/cook one day per week. She starts tomorrow!

However, I'm a little embarrassed at my lack of cleaning supplies. You see, I've never really wanted to buy anything besides bleach because then life here seems more "permanent", and if I just pretend this is hotel room (albeit one that never gets cleaned) I can pretend I'm on a very long vacation.

Fast forward to Pazar Market tonight where I spent 20 minutes perusing the abundant cleaning supplies. The quantity and selection of cleaning products is testament to Turkish women and their housekeeping pride. I grabbed a few things based on the smallest size for the product type and on the pictures: Banyo (bathroom), Super Mutfak (super kitchen), Dadi (windows) but that confuses me because I know windows are pencere and Turkish Dad's don't clean, and my personal favorite Dixi - 24 saat (24 hours). Does this mean I can clean for 24 hours or the product will keep my house clean for 24 hours? In either case, I know neither claim is true.

Anyway, she comes tomorrow. And I'm hoping the joy of a clean house and tastiness of a home cooked meal will overshadow the smell of the foreign cleaning products.

PS. In case you're curious, cleaning supplies are cheap like bread. The total of everything in the picture is under 20TL or about $11.00.

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