Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's in the Presentation

Yesterday evening I went to the home of one of my colleagues for wine and cheese. My friend likes to cook and she is very modern. She bakes "American" style cookies like gingerbread, chocolate chip, and shortbread. She recognizes the taste value of real vanilla (not fake vanilla powder with sugar mixed in) and has friends bring back supplies when they go abroad. And she appreciates the creativity the comes along with the table settings, the dishes, the quality of food, and the bottle of wine. She calls it an "aesthetic table" In other words, she reminds me of my mom and Martha Stewart.

Three teachers and myself sat on the balcony of this lovely old Bostanli neighborhood apartment surrounded by quiet, mature tree-lined boulevards and looking at and into large apartments with antique parquet floors, wooden shutters and window trim, and marble bathrooms and kitchens. Being teachers the conversation eventually drifted to students, curriculum, and behavior but in a pleasant way..for me at least...It was comforting to be among friends close to my age..well at least my generation...and all mothers. I haven't had this type of friendship in awhile so the evening was especially beautiful.

Be sure at take a close look at the picture and notice the "red and green" theme on the table. They like the red and green colors a lot over here but they are not tied to a season like Christmas. I especially like the red and green Christmas tree shaped serving dishes filled with olives and pickles. 

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