Thursday, October 25, 2012


I'm in London on a short holiday. There are many things comforting about being in an English speaking country including forming proper lines, respecting my rather large space bubble, being able to ask directions without fear of misunderstanding, and riding a subway with the computer announcements actually matching the stop they announce. (you can never trust the announcer in Izmir)
But the one experience today that reminded me I'm not in Turkey was the stumbling, by chance, onto an Evensong service at Westminster Abbey this afternoon.
An Evensong service at the end of the day is a perfect way to unwind, find peace, and relax. Today was no exception. The organist and the all-male choir ( how did that 60 year old man sing soprano?) sang words I understood with tunes I found pleasing and beautiful. And one of the readings struck a chord "Be dependent upon nobody." That one line signified the biggest cultural difference between me in England or the US and me in Turkey. Here I am independent In Turkey I seek independence by making my own plans, riding my bicycle, etc. But I really am dependent upon others for their help, especially with language. So I always have inner turmoil. At least tonight I am at peace.

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