Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wrong side of the Bed

I woke up in a really grumpy mood today. It's been one of those days when my negative emotions have been hovering just beneath the surface of my skin waiting to explode and infect everyone around me. And because negative attracts negative, I attracted two perfect situations in which to release my anger.

The first was the phone call between first and second hours when one of the school managers requested my Resident's Visa to make a photocopy of it for the umteenth time for my now-eighth-month-delayed work visa application. This process has been so irritating and frustrating and hightlights bureaucracy and ineptitude at a scale of which I've never seen including a DMV, that I don't trust anyone or believe anything anyone has to say at this point. So, I spewed off list of grievances and I'm sure my translator only translated a few of them which is probably a good thing and I felt remarkably better when I headed back to class and had a couple of fun classes.

The second was a email notification that a package containing my diploma (which I need for another job) was sitting in Istanbul because of a wrong address (not the address I gave them, by the way, and I have email documentation to prove it)and was shipped back today to the sender in the states. On a side note, I'd had to reorder this diploma because of the supposed "loss" of documents relating to the process from the last paragraph.@#$%!

So, I'm doing what all good females do when they are chocolate..a delicious Ulker bitter chocolate with pistachio nuts, and I'm going to bed. Tomorrow I'll role out of bed on the other side..I hope....

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