Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Letter to a computer program

Dear Google Chrome,

I know you think you were doing some nice consumer upgrades by changing your look and adding some new features. But today, I was just not in the mood to try and figure out something "new" . You see, I'd just spent the day trying to learn how to use a "smart board" simultaneously while teaching classes of rambunctious 4th and 2nd graders.

I know that, in most cases, having a "smart board" is a real asset and lots of fun! (This smart board replaced everything in the classroom...no chalk board...no white board...no document camera...so I needed to learn it quickly!) I would agree that this piece of equipment is going to be great when I get a chance to practice. However, because we teachers arrive at school often after the students in the morning and because we leave at the same time, I do not have the opportunity to learn without interruption. To compound this problem, the computer commands including the program "Aspire" are all in Turkish (not to mention the Turkish keyboard) and the computer is not connected to the internet where I could get some quick translation help. So, classroom management, computer tutorial, and Turkish translation were all occurring simultaneously today while learning a new electronic presentation device. Fortunately, I did manage to open a clean white frame, change the marker to a really pretty peaceful blue color, and use an eraser.. I was pretty proud of myself for this...but I didn't get past this first step and could not figure out how to combine slides or save.

So you see, Google Chrome, this day sapped me all of my brainpower. I just wanted to come home after school and relax by checking my emails and Facebook messages and reading some newspapers on You, my centralized Google Chrome home page. But, no....You made me work through another computer tutorial and sort through a bunch of games that I'll never play. I just wanted to let you know about my displeasure.


Not game for Google change.

PS. Things could have been worse...you could have been in Turkish.

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