Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday night TV

So, it's Friday night and I'm watching my first TV detective program here in Turkey. The simple act of watching TV in a different language takes a lot of concentration and I'm really not picking up more than a few words and phrases, but thank goodness for the visuals. I know the good guys from the bad guys based on the following observations. The bad men drink alcoholic beverages which are fuzzied out kind of like we bleep out the bad language on the radio. The bad girl wears a skimpy, spaghetti strapped shirt and sleeps at the bad guy's house. The good girl wears a dress, serves her boyfriend tea, and rejects all of his advances for a kiss.The female detectives are blond from a box and serve the male detectives tea at every meeting. Car chases result in immediate gun fire or immediate arrest when the bad guy leaps from the Miranda rights read here....
flip to new channel...I found a local Malatya station with the words 2. Malatya International Film Festival, 18-24 November, 2011, printed on a screen behind a speaker wearing a black off the shoulder evening gown. (The gown attracted my attention because it's more revealing that most everything I see here. The English also attracted my attention and I kept rereading the words Malatya because I couldn't believe it.) Because I don't have a calendar and have completely lost track of days, I pulled out my phone and discovered that today is Nov. 18th and this program was being taped live. A quick search on the internet yielded positive results. I found the festival and the schedule of movies. Guess what I'm doing this weekend?! Watching movies!!!! Jane Eyre, Paris Texas, Istanbul Remember Me, and Lisbon Story to name a few. I wonder what else I've been missing without a tv?

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