Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saying Goodbye to my School

Friday was the last day of school for students and teachers like me who are not returning next year. The parking lot was packed with parents and students excited for summer to begin.  The outdoor canteens were overflowing with parents and teachers enjoying  tea or Turkish coffee under bright blue skies, swaying palm trees and pink, red and white oleander. Students were trying to lick their ice cream cones before they melted under the hot June sun.

I tried to hug as many students and teachers as I could. I tried to inquire about summer plans and minimize the tears of some students who were learning for the first time that I would not be back next year. I tried to thank both the teachers and the staff members like the copy-center lady who did her best to understand my Turkish directions (collate/front to back/booklet) and the food service worker who tried every day to tell me in English what they were serving and I would try to repeat in Turkish.

I hugged my English department colleagues and gave them hand-written notes because I knew I would not be able to express what was in my heart and I feared the day would be so chaotic and full that I might not even see some of them during the day.

I did not go to lunch, the last period of the day, because I couldn't handle any more "goodbyes". I hope that I will see some of the people again. The world is small so you never know. I do know that I will take carry a small part of many people with me me and I am richer for having met them. Until we meet again, goodbye for now.

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  1. I hate saying goodbye even when I'm coming back. Can't imagine how hard this must be. But good things ahead… Looking forward to seeing you at some point this summer!