Monday, June 24, 2013

Fantastic Fethiye

I had the unexpected good fortune to travel to Fethyie for the first stop on an final week’s tour through Turkey and Greece. (Our school let non-returning teachers leave one week early...yippee!) Three nights at Calais Plaj, Fethyie was enough to give us a beautiful cruise with swimming stops, dinners at sunset, a four- hour, 16 kilometer hike up mountains, across olive orchards, through the ghost town of Karakoy, and down the rugged hillside to Oludeniz. Although strong winds prevented us from partaking in the world famous paragliding, they also gave us an excuse to return one day to Turkey. A final rooftop dinner sipping wine and watching a sunset completed our tour of the Turquoise Coast.

We walked to this ghost town bout 9 km from Fethyie on our way to the sea.

These homes were abandoned when the Greeks we sent to Greece.

After leaving the village we hiked another 6 km. This was our first view of the sea before we started downhill to Oludeniz.

We took a 6 island cruise and swam in this cave. The water was beautiful.

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  1. Fethiye Güney Ege'nin en muhteşem yeri. Tarih, doğa, kültür kısaca tatilden beklediğiniz tüm gereksinimleri sunuyor. Güzel anlatım için teşekkür ederim. Fikir olsun diye bende burada Fethiye'nin gezilecek yerleri hakkında bir şeyler karalamıştım.