Saturday, November 3, 2012

London Escape

This is less of a blog post and more of a brief travel diary for my records. I prefaced my trip to London with a read of "Elizabeth the Queen" which I loved. It put me in the mood for the location and the history.

4:00 pm arrived at flat
Go for walk around South kensington Hyde Park, Knightsbridge
Dinner at pub. Beer and fish and chips
In bed by 8 pm jet lag from America
Slept 12 hours!
Toured the Tower of London. Much cooler than I'd anticipated. Loved the crown jewels
Toured the TowerBbridge
Walked to St. Paul's
Walked to Westminster Abbey. Attended an evensong service. Beautiful.
Dinner in Notting Hill at a pub. Bed early again. Slept another 10 hours.
Rode train to Windsor Castle. Also fantastic. I couldn't believe what good shape this castle is in and the fact that it's still used..The Queen considers this her home. Rode train back to London. Stopped at the Churchill War Rooms. Very interesting! Toured a reconstruction of  Globe Theater. Took a cursory tour through the Tate Modern Museum.
Walked to the Eye of London. Didn't want to spend 28 pounds to ride it. But thought about James Bond jumping from car to car.
Walked to Leicester Square. Ate Italian food. Saw movie "Untouchable. " Fantastic film!
Bed at midnight after a really good day.
Used the Barclays bicycles for transport. Biked through all the parks and along the Thames to Chelsea. Saw historical fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Ate dinner with Jay
Saw play "The 39 Steps"
Had a nice run in Hyde park.
Ate a delicious breakfast and read "The London Times".
Spent 2 hours in the Victoria and Albert museum - want to go back.
Flew back to Izmir

It was especially difficult to come back..I loved the lines, the order, the cleanliness, and even the food...and I never thought I'd say that about British food...

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