Sunday, June 17, 2012

Observations of new home

(I pushed the shopping cart to the building in the center back, up the elevator and into my apartment.)
This weekend I flew to Izmir and started moving into my new home. This is going to be a very different experience from Malatya and all other places I've lived. I'm excited for the opportunity but also nervous because, once again, everything is new and the language continues to be a barrier.
1) I'm living in a high rise apartment complex. I've never lived like this...Apparently there are many rules (that I can't read) and I already broke one. No hanging carpets from the balcony rails. Hanging carpets in Malatya is very popular, but against the rules here. Guess I'll have to buy a vacuum.
2) High rise apartments have a trash chute. This is fun. I think I went to the chute 4 times to test gravity.
3) There is a "no cardboard" picture on the chute. I dragged my very large bicycle box all around my building trying to find a solution. Finally I got the nerve to ask "nerede" (where ?) to the man just getting off the elevator. I don't think he really knew either but he pointed me to a wall. I guess the "super " can take care of it.
4) I am a 5 minute walk from a major mall with a Carrefour (a FrenchWallmart). I loaded my cart with pounds of cleaning supplies, a clothes rack, mops, brooms,and new dishes. Then I pushed the cart home,wheeled it into the elevator, up 9 floors to my apartment, and into my apartment where I unloaded it. I left the cart in front of my apartment where I think the clerks from the store retrieve them and take them back. Either that or a kid takes them back and collects the 1 lira coin for each cart. (Better than finding money in pay phones, if you ask me)..
5) I have access to two very nice pools. Seriously, it's like living at the Hilton.
6) I don't have electricity. Just a minor, temporary inconvenience(I hope). The lack of fluency in language could be to blame, but in this case, the realtors were yelling at each other and I think the owner's realtor and the owner made a big boo boo. I may just "forget" to pay the rent if it's not fixed when I return at the end of the month.
7) Izmir is hot and humid in the summer. The thermometer says 40C ( if I multiply by 2 and add 30 that means approximately 110F. That's probably about right..

Although the Jansen hotel is now officially open for business, you might want to wait for the fall or spring to come. Whatever you do, please come!

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