Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skiing in Turkey

Yesterday's ski adventure at Uludag was similar to many ski days Eric and I have had over the course of our marriage except for a few minor differences which I'll highlight below.
1) transportation to the mountain consisted of a taxi ride to Topane where we hopped on a dolmus and waited for 25 minutes until the minibus was full. The wait required lots of patience and we almost hopped off and sprung for the $40 taxi ride to the mountain.
2) ski equipment- we found a nice little shop that had new boots and skis waiting for nice American tourists to fork over the lira. For $25 I skied in better equipment than I own.
3) food- all the cafes and restaurants had full menus, waiters, and cooks. No self service here. The food was delicious.
4) lifts - t-bars, covered high speed quads, and gondolas. The best part. No lift line except on the bunny runs. The worst part, no really challenging terrain. Intermediate runs at best.
4) snow- it snowed most of the day so we had fresh tracks every run The worst part, fog and flat light. We couldn't see our hands in front of us. So we had to ski slowly. Darn!

Bottom line- the day was fun and made it possible to say we have skied every year of our marriage and in a new country. But, one day was enough.

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