Friday, August 5, 2011

Cleaning for Turkey

Just when I think there can't be another closet or cupboard to sift through I discover another cranny filled with "stuff". Sifting through this "stuff" is exhausting because most of it has memories attached. For example, today I found a handwritten birthday card from one of my children that says "Your the best mom in the whole world." (I forgive the spelling because the drawing is so cute...). Then, I dug a little deeper and found a three page letter that listed all the reasons we should get a dog and that I "will be" the nicest mom if I get this child a dog. Notice how the verb tenses have changed from simple present to simple future tense....Digging even deeper in the nightstand and I'm greeted with a tersely written note that reads "you just don't understand me mom. Everyone else gets to {you can fill in the blank}. You are being so mean!" ...yeah, possibly I was being mean but my child can use the present progressive tense and spell it correctly! I've had success.

Although today does not have a lot to do with Turkey other than the fact that I'm contemplating verb tenses and wondering how many of English's 12 verb tenses my Turkish students already know, and, for that matter, how many do my past students know and use correctly, today does illustrate the effort in packing up a house and moving. It's not just the physical packing, it's the memories: the laughter and the tears, the celebrations and the routines, the work and the play. It's hard work to sort through these memories so I came up with a logical solution. I read and kept random cards and notes and tossed random cards and notes in hopes that I've saved enough realia to keep the memories alive but tossed enough to meet the weight allowance for the movers.

Back to sorting....

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