Thursday, April 4, 2013

Testing and Grades

Last Thursday the students sat through their thrice-annual, 160 minute long test which determines their placement/scholarship in the school. After the tests, which last longer than SAT tests (remember, they take three of these per year)  I finally resorted to showing movies for the rest of the day as they had nothing left in their brains to give.

Today the school passed out the test results in the 6th hour so the kids were pretty much worthless for the last two hours of the day. They were comparing their low scores and making plans for better academic achievement, all while missing my instruction for the material on Monday's English exam. Of course, this was 7th grade and most of this class has still made no connection between effort, work, homework, and listening, to learning. Many fear losing their scholarships, some fear not being asked back to the school, and others just talk about feeling stupid. One classroom has a poster of the school with devil ears burning in hell with the caption at the bottom.."I see children dying"..

Little do they know, it's not much fun to teach in this environment either....

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