Tuesday, July 3, 2012

There's a reason I pay cash.

Yesterday I tried to open a bank account. I haven't wanted one before but my new school pays by direct deposit and I now have bills associated with an apartment so I need an account. The first bank I visited is the most convenient in location. They opened at 10 am and I was the 2nd person in line. I took a number but since I didn't have an account there I'm sure I was penalized. My number was 801. There was one teller, two desk types, and one manager in a glass office. Person # 22 was being helped by the lone teller . I waited for 20 minutes while the lobby filled up. I watched #23, 24, and 25 get help. I had taken my number before all of them. The lobby was soon packed. A tea lady brought tea and coffee to all the paper pushers and the lone teller. A suited man came from the back operations area with a novel in hand. He glanced around the packed lobby. He left the bank for a coffee break. It was now 10:45 and I approached a paper pusher. No, she did not speak English. I called a Turkish friend and explained the numbering problem and what I wanted to do and handed my phone to the woman.
Her response was that there were 8 people ahead of me and I would have to wait my turn. Fighting back tears of indignation (I was the second person in the bank an hour ago) my Turkish friend told me to take a cab and meet him at another bank and he would help me.
Two hours later I had my new account and I'm set up to pay two of my 5 bills online. But, the account hasn't got money in it. To make deposit was a separate line of at least an hour wait. I had to leave to pick up Laura and Toby at the airport.

Ps. Today I'm sitting at home waiting for ttnet. (wifi) They should be here some time between8 and 5. Inshallah.

I haven't paid my rent and it would be must faster to just find the owner and hand him my wad of bills.

I want to play tourist with my family and I can't think of any solutions right now.

I need to look at the beautiful Aegean sea to bring peace from the incredible frustration of conducting business here.

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